How to find the best wire strippers - Complete Guide

How to find the best wire strippers

link text Stripping wires is fundamental to those of us who work in electronics. Yet, few people have all the proper tools and equipment required to do the job safely and effectively. To be specific, not very many people have a special tool for stripping wires. That's where a lot of people take the matter into their own hands using with Do-It-Yourself methods like using a knife or scissors. These DIY methods may sometimes be effective, but they don't produce consistent results, and they're actually not that safe. A common injury that occurs if you don't have the proper wire stripping tool is to slip and cut yourself. To make sure you don't suffer an injury like this you should buy some good wire strippers. You can actually get a hand tool specifically designed for this very purpose of removing the rubber coating off copper wires. There are in fact many different types of wire strippers around for you to choose from. But don't worry, to make it easier for you we've gone through the things you need to look at to make your purchasing decision easier.


Wire strippers come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are easier to use than others, depending on the design. However, there are some models which are a bit more difficult to get started using, but once you're up to speed you will be very fast and efficient at stripping wires. In order to get an idea of which style is best for you, it's a good idea to try to get a hands on look at the tool in-store. If you're using the strippers for a big part of your job, a key factor is the ergonomics. This is so that you can use them all day without wearing out your hands and joints. Some people find that the pistol style grip is better suited for heavy users.

Build Quality

Some wire strippers are made with cheap materials that are more likely to rust or get damaged. These ones may be cheaper, but ultimately they're not worth it as you'll likely end up replacing them far more frequently than if you just go for a high end pair. Ideally you should choose some that are made of high quality corrosion resistant steel. The handle should be constructed with tough rubber, or plastic, to make sure that you don't wear it off over time with use. The type of steel that the best wire strippers are made from is called "stainless steel."

Size of wires you are working on

Copper wires vary in width from very thick to thin. The easy way around this problem is using wire strippers that have a self/auto adjusting mechanism. The Irwin automatic wire strippers are a good option in this case. If you chose a model that does not have an auto adjusting feature then you need to know the size of the wire gauge that you will be using. Make sure that the wire strippers you buy can accept the right gauge (AWG) for whatever wire you're working with. Usually they don't come in much smaller size than 8 AWG, but be sure to check for yourself.

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